1 Vintage Original OLD READING PILSNER BEER Matchbook Matches Unused 1930s Bear

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Up for consideration is one (1) original vintage set of OLD READING PILSNER BEER matchbook matches never used.  Standard size pack of front cover striker matches.  These go back to around the 1930s and feature a double image of Gus who was the Reading Beer mascot. These are rare indeed. Very few have ever been found. One side says "Old Reading PIlsner Beer Brewed and Bottled by The Old Reading Brewery, Inc. Reading, Penna." The other side says "Keep Smiling Nick Bereschak" who was a beer distributor in Pennsylvania. Well made of leather with a heavy duty brass elephant in the center. Amarula is a company that makes their liqueur from the Marula fruit in Africa. The elephant is their symbol. Unused old stock.