15 Vintage Old & Different EDGETT BURNHAM VEGETABLE CAN General Wayne Labels

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Up for consideration is an original vintage set of fifteen (15) GENERAL WAYNE VEGETABLE CAN LABELS circa 1940s.  Measures between 9" inches thru 14" inches wide.  Most are embossed and all are stone lithos with nice images on them. The group includes Wayne Cut Waxed Beans, Wayne Tiny Lima Beans, Wayne Small Green Lima Beans, Wayne Spinach, Wayne Wrinkled Peas, Wayne Refuge Beans, Wayne Tomatoes, Faultless Yellow Beans, Wayne Golden Bantam Corn, Faultless Small Red Beets, Burnham Diced Carrots, Wayne Evergreen Corn, Faultless Peas, Winsom Tomatoes, and Arcadia Tomatoes currently. If we run out of a type we have others that are similar we can substitute. They are in excellent unused condition. You may find one or two with a tiny edge tear or something that we missed.  No special requests please.