Antique T.J. EVANS DRUGSTORE CHOLERA & DIARRHOEA Bowel RX Medicine Label 1870s

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 Up for consideration is an original antique J.T. EVANS DIARRHEA AND CHOLERA CURE label circa 1870s.  About 3.50" inches tall.  Says "Diarrhoea Mixture" "A speedy and Effectual Cure for Cholera, Diarrhoea Cholera Morbus" Marked "Prepared by J.T. Evans, Druggist Cumberland, Ohio. Ohio was particularly hard hit by the cholera epidemics. There is a town about 60 miles east of here, appropriately named, Tranquility, Ohio.  There are only three (3) houses left in the town. On top of the hill are 1,000s of gravestones from people who died in the cholera epidemic.  Old stock never used found in old pharmacy