Brand New Reproduction VICTORIA TIN POP-POP Lithograph Steam Boat in Box

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Up for consideration is an original vintage VICTORIA ACTION WATER CRAFT TIN POP-POP BOAT in box.  The candle powered putt-putt steam propulsion puffs it along. This colorful tin boat is 6.50" inches long. It is a water worthy vessel propelled by a clever small steam boiler arrangement. Sometimes referred to as a Putt-Putt boat. Called the Victoria, this little boat is powered by a small wax candle. It’s really slick! It comes with six (6) small candles and an eyedropper to fill the boiler tank. The water reservoir is a small, flat container below the deck, in the middle of the boat under the smoke stack. The little 3 dimensional tin man that pilots the boat snaps out to reveal the candle holder at his feet. There are two thruster jet pipes at the stern, precisely at the water level (in a tub, sink, or pool). They straddle a small adjustable rudder. It is all 100% tin with brass piping. Quality made, there are no seams below the water level. Operation is simple. You use the eyedropper to fill the boiler tank with tap water through one of the thruster pipes. You put a candle in the holder at the pilots feet, light it and snap him into his seat. Set it in the water and enjoy the action! As the candle heats the boiler plate, it slowly creates steam. The steam expands and forces small droplets of water to push through the dual jet pipes. As the forced water droplets pop out of the back of the jet thruster pipes, it makes a little POP sound and propels the boat forward. As the boiler gets hotter, the steam pops come more often and each one thrusts the boat forward faster. After a minute or so it is going pop, pop, pop, pop, etc. and skimming through the water. It operates until the boiler runs dry or the candle burns out. The rudder is adjustable so it can go in a straight line or circles. This is a wonderful exciting example of a classic science project experiment. It is the same basic technology that makes steam powered electrical generators work! The tin boat set is complete with the pilot assembly, six (6) candles and an eye dropper. It comes in a colorful graphic box with instructions on the bottom. The box is 7" inches by 2" inches by 2.25" inches. Never used, no dings, no scrapes, not old, Perfect Condition. Made in China for Schylling. It was made in 2001, is no longer available and out of production. Nice retro tin toy.  NOTE: This item is a genuine reproduction of a vintage toy from an era when there were no safety standards. It probably contains, or is, a choking hazard, and probably includes other features that are not suitable for children to play with. It uses an open flame. It is not being sold as a toy for a child to play with, but as a genuine collectable item for adults.