Little Smurfs Decal Stickers

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Vintage Little Smurfs decal stickers from the 1970s. You are purchasing twelve (12) of these six inch wide decals all the same with great coloring to them. These were supposed to go on store displays that held the little plastic smurfs. Everyone knows we love history and background when we can get the 411 on it. The Smurfs (French for Les Schtroumpfs) are cartoon characters that were created in the late 1950s by a Belgian cartoonist, Peyo. They are, of course fictional characters that are blue. "Smurf" has become an universal language within itself nowadays. You might here someone call someone else a smurf, meaning they are little (not blue). The Smurfs have gone on to become a big hit on television as well as toys, and other memorabilia. If you take a peek you will see we have Smurf key chains in the store.

Dimensions: 6" Wide