Reproduction SCHYLLING STAMPED TIN LITHOGRAPH Wind Up Race Car Toy Set in Box

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Up for consideration is a reproduction retro SCHYLLING STAMPED TIN LITHOGRAPH WIND-UP RACE CAR SET in box.  Large tin litho set has a graphic oval raceway that is 16" inches long and 10" inches wide. Has two (2) tunnel pit stops at the front and the back, straddling the raceway road. It comes with three (3) different colored cars and two (2) keys. The cars all have clock spring, wind up mechanisms that run a long time. They race in the road on the race track. This is where it gets interesting. Only one car races around the track, but as it goes through the pit stop, it changes colors! The trick is in the pit stop. It traps the first car in, and is knocked out by another car coming in. You set it up by winding two (2) of the cars and placing one of each of them before the two (2) pit stops where they drive in and are held. They can not be seen. Then you wind up the 3rd car, and place it on the track. When it enters the pit stop, it knocks the other one out, and stays inside the pit stop hidden. This gives the effect that the car changes colors! Weighs 4lbs.