Vintage Coke Button COCA-COLA SODA DRY Paper Can Bottle Server 1940s Unused NOS

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Up for consideration is an original vintage COCA-COLA SODA DRY SERVER circa 1940s.  It is about 6.75" inches tall.  Has a picture of a red circle that says: "Every Bottle Refreshes" "Drink Coca Cola" "Dri-Hand Bottle Protector" "Mundelein, Illinois. This is also called the Coca Cola Button Logo. These are paper sleeves that were dispensed from old Coke machines. The refrigeration in the old machines made the bottles sweat, so you put the bottle in one of these sleeves to keep them dry. Some people call them bottle bags, but the are really sleeves. This is the very last type of sleeve that Coca Cola made and are not real common. They were made in the 1940s. By the 40s, the machines were updated so that the bottles didn't get wet when the weather was hot anymore. These are in exceptional condition.  Still be careful, paper is fragile to some degree.