Vintage Original AMERICAN EAGLE GROPPER BROS. Empty Fireworks Box 1930s NYC

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Up for consideration is an original vintage SILVER ELECTRIC TORPEDOES FIREWORKS BOX circa 1930s that is empty.  Made by American Eagle ~ Gropper Bros. New York City This empty box is 4" inches by 2.25" inches by 2" inches. It is printed on both sides with identical graphics. Offset printing on chipboard die cut Hardware Style type box. No rips, tears or other damage, it is shipped flat, never assembled, new unused stock that was never folded open or filled. Typical of a 10¢ box of fireworks that you could buy in the 1930s.  It’s graphics feature an American Eagle perched with spread wings, explosions going off at the tip of each wing. It says, ”Celebrated Hand Made Silver Electric Torpedoes ~ Gropper Bros. New York City. This was from an era when many fireworks were hand made. NOTE: This item is an authentic vintage toy item from an era when there were no safety standards. It probably contains, or is, a choking hazard, and probably includes other features that are not suitable for children to play with. It is not being sold as a toy for a child to play with, but as a genuine vintage collectable item for adults.  IT IS AN EMPTY BOX